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Growing Bonsai from Seeds?

I am a beginner to Bonsai, and recently bought some seeds from an online merchant. I got a pack of Dragon’s Blood seeds and Japanese White Birch seed. I realize that growing a Bonsai from seeds is not recommended for beginners but I figured I would try anyway. The question I have is since the Dragon’s Blood tree is normally a warm climate tree would the seeds have to go through the same stratification process as the Birch. Also what is the proper stratification process for the Birch and Dragon’s Blood if it needs to be stratified?
Thank You in advance

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Hello and welcome. I checked my reference material and read that although Larch does not strictly require a cold stratification period, a one to two month cold pretreatment may improve germination.

The other, I have no idea about and had never even heard of. I think it would be an understatement to say that this is not traditional bonsai material. :wink: I like your thinking though, look to the native habitat of the tree for clues on how to handle it.


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