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crabapple trees

Last year i have planted many different fruit trees. I have 4 different kind of apple trees and am looking for a pollinator for them. i heard all crabapples will pollinate all apple trees. is this true? i am considering a brandywine or a prairyfire crabapple for this job. mainly because they look very good in full blossom. does anyone have suggestions or a word of advise. i am planning on a crabapple also to fill in a nice open spot in the yard. which just happens to be to the west of the apple trees. we mainly get westerly winds. does this even matter. thanks for your help and input.

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A crabapple should* act as a pollinator for any apple trees that are in bloom at the same time. Apples are insect pollinated so the wind direction doesn't matter too much. If you like the way it looks and the bloom times sync 'Prairfire' would probably be a good choice as it is quite disease resistant.

* there may be crabapple cultivars with extremely doubled blossoms or other characteristics that make them a poor pollen source but none are immediately springing to mind

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