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Mushy Tomatoes

Please help!!
My Dad has several beautiful tomatoe plants. They are loaded down with tomatoes, we have only got 2 ripe ones so far but both have had a mush texture. He has several variets big boy, celebratey,patio,etc.
Not sure what the soil mixture is, they are in big pots. The nieghbor gave us a mixture of horse man. and mulch sifted together, then there was some miracle grow organic choice garden soil used. The plants are big and healthy with tons of tomatoes, but like I said they are mushy. :
Anything we could change to help save these.
Thank you in advance for any suggestions at all
We live in South Texas[img

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    What are temperatures there in Texas? Allowing tomatoes to fully ripen on the vine when temps are above 90 can lead to mushiness. But so also can staying too waterlogged, if there is a lot of rain and the soil they are in holds too much water.

    Is the whole tomato mushy or just the end? Is there any discoloration. If it is mushy and rotten at the opposite end from the stem, and dark colored, that is blossom end rot. You can type that into the search the forum feature and find a lot already written here about it.

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