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What srapys/fungicides are necessary

I live in Maryland. I was told to use Mathalion for the insects and to use Dithane fungicide? Seems like overkill....

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Dithane is sold under several different formulations. Mainly as Mancozab / Karamate/ Helm/ Tariff etc according to the producer.
It is a chemical that is used mainly as a protectant rather than as a method of treating something that is already infected. That's why it is often mixed with other materials.
The snag...and there usualy is that it carries a rather long harvest interval. From 14 days to 1 month according to crop.

This is an organophosphorus compound.
This will not be selective in its actions at all. Killing both pest and preds alike.
It very toxic to bees and aquatics so great care needed.
You should be fully protected when using this as it is not a pleasant insectacide at all.
We ceased using Organo's several years ago because of their non-selective actions.

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DEFINITELY seems like overkill. What plants were you intending to treat for what pests/ problems?

PLEASE don't go spreading toxic substances around "preventatively." It doesn't work anyway. As noted when you spray broad spectrum insecticide, you kill off all the beneficial insects (ladybugs, praying mantises, etc). With no biological controls around the population of pest insects rapidly rebounds to worse than it was.

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