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New and (almost) scared

Okay, so here i am 3 weeks from starting my beans.

Lately their leaves look like under attack.


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I'm thinking beetles, but i can't find any, and there's only one hole.
The main damage is on the side of the leaves and is basically carving them. Also some long ~3mm "trenches" in one leaf (not present at the time of the picture).

Other things I'm considering are...
-bacteria or other invisible villains
-the sun
-acid soil

So, what do you think I'm dealing with ?

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That seems to be indicative of some bug or critter chewing on the plant. Nothing in that picture screams of a disease, soil, or sun problem to me.

Honestly, that plant looks very healthy from here! ... my guess is you will not have any problem with it.
Beans are typically such a prolific grower, that a little bug chewing is usually not a significant threat.

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Nope, doesn't look like a disease, judging by the entire plant. I assume you're talking about that one leaf with a hole in it and missing tip.

Keep an eye on this and other plants and see if additional damage occurs. Holes starting in mid-rib is likely to be slugs or snails, tiny pin hole that gets bigger, frass (specks of poo) and curled up leaf sewn together with silk could be a caterpillar (I'm thinking Skipper butterfly but that one is usually later in the summer). If damage is minimal, the plants might not be otherwise affected, but sometimes, sucking insects can transfer disease (like mosquitoes and ticks).

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Ok, i'll do so.
Thank you for your responses.

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