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Brown leaves on ficus

Hello I recently moved from Utah to New Hampshire with my Golden Ficus Bonsai, and I know that moving can be hard on Bonsai. About a week after my arrival a few of the leaves started getting brown. I was checking the moisture levels and it had been much longer than the normal schedule I have it on before it needed additional watering. I normally go every two days but it didn't need it after one watering that week. But that could be on account of the change in climate. I thought the leave change could perhaps be the cold, as it was cold that week and the temp might have dropped below 60 during the night. So I wrapped a shirt I had around the pot and put a little heater around it. It has warmed up dramatically here and so I no longer do that and its definitely not below 60 now. It hasn't needed to be watered again, but more leaves are turning brown and its looking sickly. I noticed there were a few large ants on it, but they don't harm plants, and thought it could be an indication of parasites, but I do not see anything unusual beyond the leaves. I was on a farm and am now again in a house with normal temp.. and consistency. Although its life was normal on a southwest desktop with no breeze. I just have no idea what I should do..

Could someone please help?

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