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total noob, sowing all sorts of stuff.

alright guys hopoe your all well! im new to the forum this is my first post!!

just bought a place just recently and i have a big garden about 50ft by 20 wide, and ive just been made redundant so i have lots of time to stuff so ive been working on the garden, the missus has been looking after plants and "pretty things", whereas i have just went mad buying seeds and throwing them into pots!!

so far on my windowsill i have started growing

basil, chive, mint, parsley, thyme, courgette, tomato, rocket, dill, chillies, oriental spicy leaf, oregano, coriander

i have some swiss chard and some tumbling tom cherry tomato seeds on order from ebay

and outside i bought a tiny 4ft by 1.5ft plastic greenhouse (are they any use??) there is strawberry plants and blackcurrant plant

so far everything has started growing ok and some really well

im gonna make a large raised bed and im wondering what veg can be grown most year round? and which would be easiest to grow?
my girlfriend is veggie, so i would be looking to grow potatoes,brocolli tomatoes, courgette, lettuce, fine beans, peas and maybe parsnip etc

and maybe il move all the herbs to a large under window ledge i wanted to build with a few decking boards

im sure this is all on the site but i don't know my way around and just wanted to kinda introduce myself any advice would be fantastic


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ps how can i upload photos

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[url=]Helpful Gardener's Tips & Suggestions for New Members[/url]

for uploading photos
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Welcome to the forum! Love your excitement about all this!

Don't know what your winters are like there in Belfast for growing anything all year round. In my garden the swiss chard comes closest. It gets planted out early and just grows and grows right through summer (when the lettuce and broccoli and other cool weather crops have fizzled out) and on through the first few fall frosts, until really hard freeze. My favorite thing to grow! So easy and productive!

Broccoli is about next. It also gets started early. After it makes the main head and you harvest that, it will keep putting out smaller side shoots for quite awhile. If you have a partly shaded location for it, it will keep going that way for some time. Then in late summer you can start some more from seed for a fall crop which should keep going well into winter.
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