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new vegi gardener

hi room, well as the subject says im new at this vegi garden thing ive been into my tropical landscape of my yards for awhile now but just planted a vegi garden. I have 3 6x6 garden boxs. In them i have tomatos, peppers, starwberrys, onions, corn, carrots,lettuce, assorted mellons, and pumpkins. just looking for any advice to have a succseful experiance. ive allready had one pepper plant robbed of every leaf on it :x it was kind of weierd, :shock: I live in the southern california area. thank you and happy gardening.

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Make your garden thrive with organic additives

Hi and welcome to vegetable gardening. I think you are going to find it to be an enjoyable passtime. I live in tennessee right now but I am planning on moving to california as soon as possible.

One of the best ways I have found to help plants of all kinds thrive and resist extremes of weather,insect infestation and grow faster and yield more is through the use of various organic additives that can be dug into soil at planting time, applied as a sidedress or used mixed with water and poured around the plants. Tese additives, or fertilizers, can be bought at a store or gathered for free in anyplace you have access to get them. Manure has been used by people probably since the beginning of agriculture. Seaweed is also another great one and can be found at many gardening shop. Thhey even make it in a liquid form that can be mixed with water. If you want more info on this subject, feel free to check ot my gardening website.

Good luck with your new vegetable garden and let me know how it goes :)

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make sure u plant the vine plants (melons & pumpkin) in their own area with lots of room because they will grow huge. gotta love cali weather for growing this year lots of rain and hot weather. most of my plants are almost mature and most of them are setting fruit.

I have:
green beans
tomatoes: Roma, champion, grape
bell peppers
hot peppers: jalapeno, Serrano, Santa fe, garden salsa, and Caribbean red hot
crooked neck squash
egg plant
green onion
Just started gardening

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well should i say my hot peppers, zucchini, peas, tomatillos, and tomatoes are setting fruit. the rest are growing good though.
Just started gardening

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Well, first off, I can suggest you take some time off and read the [url=]ACT[/url] (aerated compost tea) thread. It's pretty long, but trust me, it only gets better as you go along.

As another member said, add lots of compost and organic matter. When you add synthetic, chemical fertilizers, you really harming your soil and the microbes that live in it which contribute to healthy plants. When you add organic matter, you are contributing to healthier soil and a better microbial community within that soil.

I'm curious as to what took off the leave from your pepper plant; do you have any deer in you area?
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