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Losing Leaves: (new) Ulmus Chinelsis.. RIP?

About a month ago, I got a small Bonsai (about half a foot high) as a present. The first two weeks I had it inside, but the leaves turned brown so I moved it to a more sunny location.
Once moved, new leaves started sprouting but after a week or so, those leaves dried out and since then, no new leaves have popped up.
As my worries grew, I did some research and found out that a bonsai is best kept outdoors, so i moved it to the only sunny spot reachable from my apartment window (south, not windy).
However; no change, no leaves after two weeks of basking!

I always watered it whenever the soil felt dry. The water has always rolled on the soil's surface, maybe due to a moss (also turned brown) covering it? I water it slowly, until water flows through the holes in the bottom of the pot (not glazed on the inside).

What can I do to save my tree? Should I move it back inside? Is all hope lost?
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Let it be for a while. If it's passed on, nothing will change that. But if it's alive, allow it to settle down and give it a chance to recover.

Can you post some pictures of the tree? (See the link in my signature block for help on hosting pictures.)

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