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Gold Star Ivy?

Hello to all, new here so please forgive if I posted in the wrong place. My husband and I PCS to Italy in November and moved into our house in December. In our backyard there is a spot to the left of our backdoor that is covered in what I think is Ivy, Gold Star Ivy to be more specific. The area is about 3 feet long and it is full of it. The ivy is grown up over the wall and seems to get thicker every week. Spring is here and I want to plant some flowers there but I cannot get rid of this stuff, I have used several products and even tried to weed it out but the stems are thick and it just became a tangled mess. Weed eating was the self help centers idea, lol. I am not an experienced gardener but this stuff has even my neighbor baffled and shes pretty good. I think its this Gold Star Ivy because I did a Google image search on Ivy and this Gold Star looks just like what I have growing. Its actually pretty but befor ewe moved in here the yard was very neglected (says neighbor) and its just covered that area and the wall, would it be possible to get rid of most of whats on the ground so I could plant some colorful flowers there, the ivy on the wall is kinda nice and I can trim that, I think, lol. Anyway any suggestions are welcome, please help!!!

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