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~5 year old juniper bonsai sick!

My beloved juniper bonsai is very unhappy! I moved him upstairs about a month ago from a shady place into a sunny window and after a few days it had turned pale green. The color is continuing to vanish from the leaves, leaving it now a pale green / yellow. I put it back in the shady spot before it started looking sick, but not sure how / if I can fix this!

When the color first started going it looked pale green and has continued to get slightly more pale.

Here's a picture! It really isn't quite as yellow as it looks here though.


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Sorry to say... But your tree has likely been dead for many weeks.

Unfortunately what many people do not understand is that there are very few trees which can live inside the dry warm conditions of a home. Keeping anything except tropical trees in the home for longer than a few days at a time will always cause some level of damage, and ultimately death.

Please don't let this discourage you from exploring bonsai as an interest. Do a little research and find a tree which can tolerate indoor enviornments. Ficus is a very popular type. But if you are looking for a more classic bonsai look, then be prepared to have a space outdoors to keep it.

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I leave my junipers outside ALL year. They were buried under snow for 3 weeks this year and they are thriving excellent.

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