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Trouble growing yellow pear tomatoes

This is really one of my first tomatoe plants. I purchased this plant when it was already quite big for a start maybe 2 ft. tall. I tranfered it into a large container using miracle grow potting soil. It seemed to be doing rather well at first now they leaves starting on the bottom are wilting and developing white spots. Now this is happening further and further up the plant. Is there any way to stop this and save my plant?

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Unfortunately I have found Yellow Pear to be very susceptible to wilt diseases (and pretty much any other disease too), especially late in the season when the soil gets dry. It sounds like this is what is happening to your plant.

This is assuming that what you are describing is true wilting (leaf midrib collapse) and not nutrient or fungal related problems, which harm the thin parts of the leaf before forcing the plant to kill its own leaf.

I would not blame your potting soil, but more likely the stress of the overgrown seedling in it previous pot allowed th disease to set in. It's hard to find overgrown seedlings that are completely healthy, although most outgrow the problems.

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how big is the container? How big did the plant get after the transplant before showing problem. did you use any kind of fertilizer, if so how much and how often. Tomatos are heavy feeders, if you plant them in a container, you will definately need to use fertilizer and often. How much do you water it and do you water only the soil or do you also wet the leafs, and how much sunlight is it getting?

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