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New to this please help

I have recently moved house and have not had time to dig proper veg beds (was planning to do this all in the Autumn of this year). But friends have given me cabbage seedlings and I am desperate to grow some french beans and beetroot. So here is my question.

My plot has ground elder. I do have a raised bed. Can I just dig out the ground elder, and put the raised beds on top with some compost in from B&Q. Will this be ok? Is there a particular compost I should buy? I have none of my own yet. Any tips?

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You don't have to dig out the ground elder (which would be a big job) -- just put the raised beds down, put a bunch of newspaper/ cardboard in the bottom to smother the ground elder and then fill the beds. If you use plenty of thickness of paper and your raised beds are at least 10" deep you will be fine. Fill them with a mixture of top soil, compost (you can buy it bagged, best would be a variety if you can find it, some mushroom compost, some veggie compost, some composted manure or whatever you can find), and some potting soil to lighten it up.

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