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Any suggestions?

I am new to gardening. I just married in June and we recently bought a house.
This is my first year ever trying to start a garden. I was given a
lot of canna lily bulbs. I want to plant these asap but need design ideas. . I wanted to plant them in the front of my home but I since I was told they grow very big. Any suggestions on how to plant them and what else to plant with them. I amplanning on removing the smaller bush inthe front and then moving the bigger bush in it place to the side so I will have morespace to plant.
ahead of time for any ideas or suggestions?


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I'd plant some in the corner away from the downspout, the area looks naked and the downspout is now a focus point. I beleive that is a barberry and you might want to balance it out in the fall by trimming it up and the groundcover looks like ajuga which will take over the area if you let it especially in the lawn.

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