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Does my rosebush have pests?

I just bought a house and I was pruning my rosebushes and I noticed these brown woody looking bumps on the stems. It looks like part of the bush but when you touch it, it falls away easily and there is a white powder underneath.

Is this a current pest, an old pest that has been killed or something totally different? :?:

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they might be aphids but I'm not too sure im no expert or anything. but yea if they are aphids just search the forum theres plenty of ways to fight them instead of just buying chemical sprays. those kill pests but they will have many undesirable effects like killing lady bugs (which eat many aphids for you) or other beneficial insects

hope this helps ! good luck.

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More likely scale insects. Here's a picture, somewhat magnified:

They look like little round bumps and don't move, but can be rubbed off.

Treatment is dipping a q-tip or soft sponge in rubbing alcohol and rubbing them off with that. You can also use insecticidal soap or neem oil.
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