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Questions about my garden soil

hi there,
I just recently prepped by garden boxes for the summer garden, then i noticed that the neighborhood cat has been using it for a bathroom. Im not sure how often this has happened, should I be concerned?

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not unless you're pregnant or intend to get into that condition.

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We had an extensive discussion on this unpleasant but "there it is anyway" fact of gardening life a few weeks ago at:

Many possible preventive measures were recommended; since you have (I think?) raised beds, some of them will be easier for you to implement than if your garden occupied all of a suburban back yard.

Please check that thread and then come here to ask questions which aren't answered and are specific to your situation. The OP's in that thread were in a similar situation: they have a fenced back yard, many neighbors' cats were helping themselves to the wonderful "kitty boxes," etc.

Cat waste can pose a hazard simply due to being waste to men, women, and children; toxoplasmosis isn't the only hazard, although it may be the best known.

I hope your gardening year picks up from this unfortunate point! :D

Happier gardening soon....

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My cats think my garden is the worlds large cat box. The soil is soft and easy to dig so they take advantage of it. They won't use the cat box inside the house during the summer they use my garden. Its a bit funny. It does not hurt anything.

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