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Blueberries in containers

I'm thinking of trying to plant some blueberry bushes in containers this year. Does anyone have ideas on how to do this? Has anyone done this?

Thank you

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I've grown blueberry plants in containers for several years. I prefer to put the plants in a 7-10 gallong container, though some of the small sized bushes will do fine in a much smaller container. Also, I tend to move a plant from a 1 gallon nursery container to a 3 gallon for a year or two and then move it into a 5-7 gallon as its final home. Blueberries like peat moss blended into the soil. Keep them adequately watered, maybe only give the plants morning sun during the heat of the summer, and fertilize moderately once per season. I rank blueberry plants as being very easy to grow in containers.

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