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Citrus tree abuse!!

Please someone help me!! My father claims that some old orange grower told him to whack the trunk of our grapefruit tree with a 2X4 to start it growing. I just have a hard time believing that smacking any living thing with a 2X4 promotes healthy growth. Can anybody tell me if there is any truth to this?

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No, but I have heard that pounding Zinc coated nails into citrus tree trunks will make them produce more fruit.

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Both of these ideas sound like old husbands' tales to me. :wink:

I doubt that interrupting the cambium layer of a tree will encourage the tree to do much of anything except withdraw from production.

And whacking it with a 2x4? I thought that was reserved for getting the attention of a mule...?

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I think that this is a crude form of bark damaging to induce the tree to produce fruiting buds.
Many fruit trees were treated this way in the past.
A lot of old time apple and pear growers used bark-ringing to slow the trees down and shock the trees into production. And even now tree root pruning is still used in the same way.


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Well, some folks may think it is a crazy idea, but it does work. My wisteria had never bloomed after 6 years, I had enough of waiting, so I went out with a stout 2X2 in hand and whacked the daylights out of the stupid wisteria and it BLOOMED like crazy this year. I also witnessed a neighbor do the same thing to a 15 YO pecan tree that never beared nuts. After the whacking and a few choice words and several galvanized nails driven into the trunk the tree had a bumper crop and has every year since the 'treatment'. It works and I use it if the situation needs a 'boost'. Old timers will tell tales of whacking trees into production, so it is not a new idea.

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Damn, I was hoping he was wrong!! Hmm maybe I won't tell him!! Especially since he already beat the crap out of the poor thing!!

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