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Didn't know any better - planted corn right next to tomatoes

The tomatoes -7 different varieties are all doing fine, but the corn (Silverqueen) is coming along painfully S-L-O-W.

At first, we had no idea what was going on. We fertilize with miracle grow once a week, watered appropriately, etc. All the other veggies in the garden are doing well EXCEPT the corn.

After reading and research, I have learned that "Carrots love tomatoes" (and hate corn).

Now that I've made this mistake, and what can I do to help the corn out? It is only about 4-5" tall at this point. Should I add bagged manure to the corn rows or some other special soil supplement?

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Yes, both corn and tomatoes are very heave feeders. Plant some beans inbetween the two different plants and also load the area up with compost and well rotted manure to feed the two.

Beans will also feed both plants with nitrates fixed from atmospheric oxygen. You can also buy the inoculant to go with the beans but, I never bother.

(I do this with my corn anyway, but in your case I think it will really help)

Oh, and no need for stakes, the pole beans will grow right up the corn stalks.

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Interesting, I always plant my corn and tomatoes next to each other and never have a problem. I do this based on the size of the plants ( small up front tall in the back for the sun) Guess I'm lucky, Good luck with your corn hope it turns out well!

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