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I Planted Seeds then Mulched - Will Seeds Grow?

hey all... I live in louisiana... not from there but I live there.... and ive decided to make some flower beds... I got ahead of myself I guess... and I mulched right after I planted seeds...flower seeds... its scotts black mulch... bark I guess.... will they still grow? I'm thinkin not... so is there any way to save them? I could take the mulch off... but I think theres seeds in the mulch too...not to mention it would be terribly embarrasing... any tips? thanks in advance!

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It's going to depend on a lot of factors. I would wait for a couple of weeks, before doing anything like trying to remove the mulch.

How thick is the layer of mulch? What kind of seeds did you plant? If the seed was very fine, like dust or sand, it probably won't make it. Larger seeds ... say about pea-sized ... might have a chance.

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I agree with Kisal... it depends on how thick you put the mulch on, how dense it is packed, and what kinds of seeds/ plants you put in there. Some things may be able to push their way through, some not.

But the point of laying down the mulch is to prevent the weed seeds in the soil from sprouting, so clearly it was not helpful for your flower seeds.

We all learn from trial and error and all of us here have killed plenty of plants in our learning process! :?

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