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Weed killer for grass but not periwinkle?

Last March I planted periwinkle on a bank. This year it is all growing fine, but there is a LOT of grass in it. I tried manually cleaning out the grass but it's a big area and not very easy to do. Is there a weed killer that will kill grass but not periwinkle?


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Nope. Try heavy mulching or try putting down a weed barrier but then the periwinkle will not spread.

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sounds like a maintenance nightmare. You could try roundup 'manually', mix a small batch in a bucket, put on a rubber glove and then a cotton glove over top of the rubber glove. Dip your hand into the mix, squeeze out the excess, and coat the weeds with the mix. It is time consuming, but much easier and more effective than trying to pull out the grass.

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Is the grass clumping type or runner type?
Either case, they're easier to pull after heavy rain. Also wait until they're taller than the periwinkle. By that time, the grass themselves will be sturdier so they won't break when pulled, and you'll will be able to use them to pull up their roots (as long as the ground is soft from soaking rain).

Periwinkle (Vinca minor) won't mind being stepped on. They'll come right back.
... in fact, in a few years, you may be battling the Periwinkle if they escape their designated area....

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