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Birches, and how do you feel about buying online?

Hi, We just built a house & were given the bare minimal landscaping. We want to add some trees - some sort of evergreens (that won't get too tall, perhaps a dwarf, and we prefer bluish color) and maybe birches. We are in Pennsylvania so have all four seasons, and our house tends to get considerable wind. I know some birches are delicate, which I do worry about with wind as well as the ice we can get in the winter. Anyone have any thoughts, maybe a specific type we should look for?

We'd like the evergreens for privacy, and to block the side of the house w/ the compressor. We only have 1/3 acre & are in a a neighborhood, no overhead electric lines.

Finally, are there any websites you suggest we buy from? I checked out arborday but we really want to buy trees that are almost sure-fire to grow & be hardy. Would prefer not to get very small twigs like some have reported receiving. If you believe it is best to buy locally, please let me know. We are kinda clueless with this process.


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Buy locally, and I would suggest River Birch (Betula nigra). This is one of the few Birches that works well in PA. It is a native with nicely exfoliating bark that is white and salmon-colored.

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A mature river birch was in the front yard of my home when I bought it. It was a messy tree for me. In spring it drops tiny seed things. It constantly loses little twigs and branches. In summer, any dry spell and it dropped leaves. Very fragile in ice storms. Thankfully the last ice storm wiped it out. I'm very glad to have it gone from my garden. Here it is on it's last legs.


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