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Seeds wanted.

hey all i am fairly new into gardening, however this year i am looking for seeds of all kinds to see what i can do. i would love to try to grow some banana seeds or palm trees. if anyone has any seeds that are extra any kind at all i will take them. i can even mail you a dollar or so. there is hardly any stores around here with seeds. well hope to hear from you :-)

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:D I wouldn't mind charing my African Baobab seeds. The only problem would be is sending it.. :?

An African Baobab tree..
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I have 4 seeds for Canary date palm if you want them? LMK Cant grow them here in zone 4!
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Are you a fan of Tobasco Sauce?

Send a self addressed, stamped envelope to:

Dutch J.
138 Barton Rd.

and I'll send you enough tobasco pepper seeds (from last year) to make you more than happy...

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