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Folding/wraping iris leaves in fall

Hello Everyone,
I'm a new iris gardener and I was wondering about prepping my plants for fall. I had heard somewhere that folding the iris leaves and wrapping one of them around the bunch allows the plant to pull the residiual energy back into the tuber for winter and that this makes the plant stronger the next year. Is this true? or maybe I have my plants mistaken. Anyone have any advice?

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I'm still new to irises, so I'd like to know too, if anyone knows!

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I have been growing Irises for about 5 years now. Both the Bearded and the Siberian. They have different needs but as for putting them away for the winter they are the same. I always wait until after the first frost and then cut the leaves to about 4-6" tall. Every year I have more and hardier flowers. (My original Bearded Irises came from transplants that I found in a very shaded area of our new home. I recognized the leaves but they never produced any flowers. I transplanted them the next year into a sunny location, cut them back after the first frost in the fall and have had big, beautiful flowers ever since.)

I have never heard of this wrapping system and cannot say whether it is good for Irises or not. The one thing I do know is that Bearded Irises do not like being wet. Although I am in a cold zone (4/5) I do not mulch them because of this (just an additional hint).

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My mother has always tied the leaves into a knot and left them until all the foliage is brown then, remove it.

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