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Chinese Elm

Recently bought a home with a large chinese elm. It has not put on leaves yet. All others in local neighborhood have leaves. Branches are not dry or brittle. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

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what zone are you? If this is Ulmus parvifolia, it leafs-out a bit later than other trees. The leaf buds are small, but you should see them if the tree is alive and developed buds last fall.

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chinese elms

I have a couple chinese elms, and I wouldn't worry about it. Also, it doesn't say what city or state you are from in the post, so it's hard to tell if you have a problem. I have two chinese elms which are very similar in size and shape and one of them has produced leaves and one hasn't. The one that has leaves still has very small leaves so I wouldn't worry about your own tree. You also need to consider that I live in a warm area and flowering trees start flowering here in early february and that some of them are done producing flowers for the year. Specifically, the saucer maples are done flowering here and all leaves have appeared, while other people state that their saucer maples don't start flowering until april. With that said, depending on where you live I wouldn't worry about your chinese elm not producing leaves until close till the end of april. I mean unless you live in Alaska, then your chinese elm will never be coming out of dormancy. I hope this helps. -Paul

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