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Can you help me identifying this Bonsai ?

Hi ...

First I must say that I'm absolutely new in the Bonsai world and I have no gardening knowledge :oops:

So, why did you get a Bonsai, ask you ?
Simply because it was offered by a family member and now I must learn something about it :?

I made some Google research and found this forum that seem to be very interesting and full a people with a huge knowledge of Bonsai world :)

I don't have a lot of questions simply because I don't know anything about these wonderful plants, so I will start with two simple questions:

1) Can you help me identifying my Bonsai ? I put some pictures here:


The Bonsai is 33cm tall (from top to ground) and leaves are 2.5cm long.

2) What are your advises for someone like me that never had a plant in his life ? I'd like to take care of it but I really don't know how :?:

In advance thank you for all your help :wink:


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Hello and welcome. I think your tree may be a Podocarpus but I don't grow this species so some more research can't hurt. You can Google the name and compare the pictures you find against your tree. Sorry, that's the best I can do for an ID.

For basic care have a look at this:
Proper watering is the first thing to try to get a handle on, everything else can come later.

If my ID is correct I would shelter it from frosts. Once the weather warms up it will benefit from being kept outside. Perhaps someone else can offer more.


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Thank you very much for your reply/help/advices :D

I already did a Google search for Podocarpus and in fact it seems that you are right, "my baby" looks alike very much the Podocarpus.


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