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ok so I have a Palram 6x8 Green live in central pa. Here is what I am thinking as long as it does not get below freezing I can keep all my seeds out in the greenhouse, or do I need some sort of heat source below a certain temp? any help would be appreciated

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Your approach should work fine for cool weather crops such as lettuce, cole crops, sweet peas, etc. But warm weather seedlings will not fare very well if temperatures drop much below 50 degrees for extended periods of time. When the temperatures inside the greenhouse begin to hit over 70 degrees during the day and drop down no lower than the mid forties at night then I would expect heat loving seedlings to do o.k. left overnight.

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Your seeds or your seedlings? I wouldn't leave my seeds in the greenhouse the temps fluctuate and the moisture levels will be too high.

I keep my seeds in the fridge in a air tight container......

but you could always test it and see how it goes.

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agree, that "keep all my seeds" in the greenhouse is a little vague. Did you mean germinate your seeds? Then no, not without bottom heat added for all the warmer weather stuff. If you meant store seeds out there, sure.

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