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New to this forum!

Hi! I'm new to this forum Here is what I have to swap:

(C)=Commercial (S)=Saved (T)=Traded (G)=Gift

Fennel - Florence,Finocchio - 15 seeds (CG)
Curled Chervil (C)
Radish - White Tip Sparkler (C)
Carrots –Danvers Half Long (C)
Nantes Coreless (C)
Tomato - Beefsteak (C)
Onion and White Lisbon Bunching (C)
Red Onion (S)
Gourds and Mixed Birdhouse - 10 seeds (S)
Hot Peppers- Lemon Pepper - 25 Seeds (T)
Brussels Sprouts - Catskills (C)
Lettuce - Flashy Troutsback (S)
Cosmos and pink (S)
Cosmos - mixed yellow and orange (T)
Salmon Poppy (SG)
Lavender Poppy (S)
Love in a Mist (SG)
Marigold and Lemon Drop (CT)
Snowball (ST)
Mixed Yellow/Orange (ST)
Hollyhock and single yellow flower - 20 seeds (CG)
Coreopsis - (T)
Money Plant - (SG)
Chinese Lantern (C)
Mexican Hat (T)
I am looking for open pollinated heirloom vegs. But, I like all kinds of seeds so send me a pm if you see something you like.
Thanks for looking!

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