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Setting out tomato plants

Today I set out my tomato plants into the garden. I think it's settled enough here in se texas to do so. Anyone else in zone 8b have tomtao plants set out yet?

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I usually wait for the 15th of March, but a quick glance at the 10-day forecast shows that it's not going to drop below 40 for the next 10 days, so I let my impatience get the best of me. Besides, this last weekend was perfect. It was cloudy, misty and warm and will be that way for a couple of days. I didn't even harden them off.

My main concern, other than a late March frost, is the heavier rain we are expecting today. So far, it's just been sprinkles and mist. Let's hope we don't have a downpour.

My other concern is that the ground will be too wet. I built up mounds about 6-12 inches from the soil line (clay-line), but after planting them deep, about half the root ball was below the regular soil line.

And yes, I know that the ground is not warm enough yet. But if I were to wait for that, it would be mid-April before I plant out. The plants will just have to deal with it.

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Well, I haven't planted in the ground yet because I'm doing pots...but I have started leaving my plants outside over night. As of last weekend, actually. They're doing fine. Sweet 100, SunGold, Matt's Wild Cherry, Super Fantastic, and Roma (the Roma's actually not doing so hot, but it is not temperature related). As far as soil temp goes, I'm sure you'll be fine. You can always use a black tarp to help speed the soil warming process...

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I just started my seedlings a few days ago, so I'm kinda behind. But, it's still dropping below 50 at night and anytime I bring something out this soon it dies. But I tend to have bad luck with cold temps. I'll probably up pot them soon, and then bring them out in a week or so.

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I wouldn't worry about setting them out under 50. For that matter, you shouldn't worry until it drops below 40.

I see it this way:
Above 40, don't worry.
Below 40, worry
Below 35, cover and worry
Below 32, cover, worry and sleep outside with your plants, spooning them to keep them warm. If you have pets, train them to do the same.

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