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Bokashi Cat Waste/litter?

Has anyone tried using bokashi as a purely cat waste disposal system? I know it can be an ingredient, but what about if it was all (or most) of it?

I'm aware of the health dangers and would keep the result away from the veggies.

I imagine I'd have to use a different litter than the clay stuff - anyone have any recommendations?

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I know nothing of bokashi but I know my litter (3 ferrets). The recycled paper varieties will probably break down more readily but you'll lose the clumping action and may need to put a container of baking soda or similar smell magnet near the litter to neutralize the cat urine smell.

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bokashi cat waste? paging Applestar!

I know this has been mentioned a few times around here. Here's a thread about composting cat litter:

and here's one where Applestar says she is "thinking" about doing a bokashi disposal system:

Any progress, AS? I know the post said once the EM/ bokashi production is in full swing, which probably is not yet.

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I have a bucket of scooped used cat litter "fermenting" in the garage now. I decided to inoculate the blend of "Worlds Best Cat Litter" and "SWheat Scoop" cat litter + my own bokashi with the same home-made EM-A that I made my own bokashi with, using same proportions of EM-A, molasses, and warm water.

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If you are still looking for an answer, you might want to ask these guys. They sell Bokashi composting supplies.

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I liked the S'Wheat Scoop fairly well since the particle size was closer to regular cat litter than that silly pelletized stuff (Yesterday's News) which does not clump and is way too big to sift anyway. I still miss the PaPurr which was newspaper based but acted like clay litter. Can't find it anymore. :cry:

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