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Roses in Spring: What do I do now?

Hello! I'm not sure how to take care of my roses so I was VERY happy to find this forum. However after reading the posts and the sticky about spring awakening, I'm still not sure what to do! Sorry, I guess I'm a bit dim.
I live in Southern Ontario and my roses have been pruned. They are now growing and I would like to fertilize.

1) Should I start spraying them with seaweed now?

2) Should I fertilize with one, some or all of the following fertilizers: fish emulsion (is there a substitute for this?), alfalfa pellets, bonemeal, bloodmeal, epson salts, rose tea, sulfate of potast, rock phosphate, compost and manure?

You all seem to know so much, this must really seem like dumb questions but I could really do with some of your expert help.

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