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Contorted Filbert Help!! Please =)

Around june of 2005 (a yr ago) we planted a contorted filbert. Last year, it had leaves, flowered (if thats what you want to call them), and appeared healthy. Now, nearly a year later, it has only a few green leaves popping up, and some of the branches look to be dead. I'm afraid to prune it because its so hard to tell whats alive & whats dead on it...
The tree seems to be kinda brittle naturally.

I've read elsewhere on the web that around March it should begin to flower... No such luck for us. We have hard winters here in syracuse, but that doesnt seem to be an issue from what I read. I posted a pic below.. Any assistance is appreciated. Am I paranoid? If it's dying, I'd like to return it, since I have a year warranty.. :D

Thanks in advance & have a great day!


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I would ask a local arbourist if I were you. It's tough to tell from just a description but, to me it sounds as if your tree is on its way out.

You could also ask the place where you bought the tree from, that might be a little cheaper than hiring a arbourist to look at your tree.

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