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my bonsai is dying (Ginseng Ficus)

my indoor ficus ginceng bonsai is dying. there are some wrinkle on main root and the most of leaves are a little yellow and they fall off very much.i have changed the soil 1 week ago when it was healthy but the vase is same as before.light and other conditions are wthout change .for 3 days after changing the soil i sprayed water on its leaves and roots.now i think the water container had a little chemical substance :( .what can i do for it?

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I am somewhat unclear on the manner in which you have your Ficus potted. Can you please post some pictures? I think those would help us to help you.
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Do you have any idea what the chemical substance may have been?
From what you report, there is little that I can find that would cause the tree to react as you say it has.
Did you prune the roots when you re-potted? Has the tree been left in a chilled or drafty area?
I also ask that you post a picture of the tree.

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Ficuses can get a root infection that causes the roots to shrivel and ultimately cause the plant to die. It is caused by allowing the soil to go too dry. However, hopefully it is just the shock of repotting that caused it to lose its leaves. Have there been any other stresses on the tree, such as low temperatures or drafts like len said or have you moved the tree to a new location? Just hang in there, give it adequate light and humidity, and remember that it won't need as much water as it did when it had all of its leaves. It very well may bounce back, ficuses are pretty resilient, they just don't like cold or changes in location.

P.S. If you are worried about chemicals in your water, use distilled water.

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