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flowering vine container sizes

I'm planning to plant some annual vines on my balcony this year.

First up is Morning Glories and Moonflowers. From what I've read elsewhere, I think I can put these in pretty much any container and they'll do fine. Is this correct? I have some long 7-inch deep rectangular planters that I want to put them in. If they grow anywhere from 3 to 10 feet I'll be happy.

Then I'd like to plant some Sweet Pea vines and have them grow to about 6-7 feet tall. How deep a container would be good for this?

And finally, Black-Eyed Susan vines. These I want to grow down rather than up (hanging down 2-3 feet). Since I don't want them to grow terribly big, I assume I don't need a big container? About what size/depth pot should I use?

I'm in Zone 8. And honestly, I don't really care if any of these flower; I mainly just want something green that grows quickly. Though flowers would be a nice bonus!

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Sorry you didn't get a response to this, but there's not too much to add. All your vines should be just fine in the smallish pots you describe.

I grow moonflower, cardinal climber, climbing snapdragon, and other annual flowering vines on trellises on my deck. They are in pots 12" diameter and 10" deep, several to a pot, planted in with petunias and other non-climbing flowering stuff, and everything does fine, it's more than they need.

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Moonflowers are crazy - they are so strong, they push out the soil out of the container I am sprouting them in. I can just imagine how wildly they will grow!

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