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My Lily and UAP ( Unidentified Aldi lant ) have issues.

My plants need help.

My lily has brown / yellow leaves.


My UAP's new shoots look all saggy and sad.


They both get water. I think my room may be too dry, the heat is always on.

Any insights would be grreat.



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L'l help ?

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Whats the light like, are they in a window, under a light, in the middle of a room? They look a little droopy, your not over-watering are you? If your sure your not over-watering and that the droop is in fact from being to dry you can try misting the leaves to slow down transpiration, make sure to use room temp water and to hit the top and bottom of the leaves with a fine spray.
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Have you looked to see if they're root bound? A root-bound plant's roots are unable to take up sufficient water from the soil.

Don't just 'guess' that that's the problem, though, since a plant in too large a pot is at risk of root rot, because the soil stays wet too long.

Before you do anything, knock them out of their pots and look at the roots. If they are growing around and around the root ball, then it would probably be a good idea to repot in the next larger size pot. If the roots look okay, just drop them back in their pots and continue to check on other possible problems, such as lack of humidity, insufficient lighting, insect infestations, etc. :)
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