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Umbrella tree losing all it's leaves...

Hi! I have had this plant since it was tiny, it is now about 6 to 7 foot tall and up to recently has grown like mad! I have had it from a baby, about 6 inches tall, and it is now at least 13 years old. It has done very well all this time and suddenly started sropping it's leaves. They don't look dead and sometimes the whole stem comes off. They also look like they are wilting. I repotted this plant in the summer and it is in direct sunlight all day. We have had alot of snow so there has not been much sun light and its been cold but it's still in the window where it's been for the last 3 and half years. I only water all my plants about once a month but the soil is always damp, I never let it dry right out or sitting in water. Where the new shoots were about to come through and where the stems have fallen there is a clear yellow substance and is hard. I would really appreciate someones help as I have had the plant a long time, frustrating as I am not doing anything different.

I look forward to hearing from anyone, many thanks Clare x

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Hope this site may help Clare.

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There are a number of plants known as "Umbrella Tree." Do you know the Latin name of yours, or would you be able to post a picture? Here are just 2 images of plants called Umbrella Tree:

Schefflera actinophylla

Magnolia tripetala (L.)

It will be easier to help you with your plant if we can determine exactly what it is. :)

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