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Pollinator for honeycrisp

We recently planted a honeycrisp apple tree and we are not sure if we need another pollinator. In our yard there are 2 other new apple trees which we think are gala. There is also a new pear tree. Also there are two large old trees-a pear and a golden delicious apple tree which produce some fruit but not very edible. We were told we need a Macintosh pollinator-is this true? If so, can we graft a MacIntosh onto the galas?
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Hi Ksherwood.

Re your apple tree.
The golden and the gala will both cross polinate your tree ok.
Goldens are used in many orchards for pollination.
If you want to graft a Mcintosh to any of your apple trees then they would all accept the scion ok but I would suggest that you graft to the youngest and healthiest one.

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