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Useful Catalogs

If you're not getting it already, I highly recommend the Gardens Alive catalog. It's packed with photo ID's of insect pests and plants diseases (and of course which of their products are good for what) -- very useful even if you don't buy anything from them. The latest one came with $25 off $50 or more order coupon. (They do this every quarter or so. Sometimes with no minimum.)

Another catalog that I find useful is Johnny's Selected Seeds -- great for detailed seed germination info e.g. ideal germination temp and growing temp, and days to harvest for most flowers as well as vegs. Same info is also available on their website: I usually buy a good percentage of my seeds from them.

Any other useful free info sources?

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Those are both great. I just got my order today from Garden's Alive with the $25.00 discount. Their fertilizers are natural and very good, love the roses alive product. I also like Territorial Seeds. They started out with seeds that would work well for west of the Cascades in the Pacific NW, but now have varieties for all over. Another wonderful place is Dixondale Farms, they specialize in Onions.
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Great! Let's keep this going. 8)
Today, I was reading the Stokes catalog. On the front cover it says Gardening Guide, and it certainly is! If you keep in mind that they're located in Buffalo NY (USDA Zone 6 due to moderating effects of Lake Erie), the CULTURE instructions can be spot on (add or subtract 2 weeks for each zone difference, 1 week for a/b difference). [url=]Here's the one for Spanish onions[/url] ... yep, they're HEAVY ON THE CHEMICALS. I will do my best to ignore all that, except to note that THIS is how commercial produce are being grown :eek:

Another reason to like this catalog is that they mostly sell hybrids and I prefer to grow heirlooms and open pollinated varieties (huh? :wink:) -- They are EXPLICIT in indicating HYBRID varieties, even some of the flower seeds. Check out [url=]their sunflower page[/url]. Which I can use to help me eliminate the ones I DON'T WANT, or on rare occasions, allow that I might grow it just for the one season. Some hybrids are indicated as sterile -- good for avoiding proliferation due to self-seeding of non-native species :idea:

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just ordered both catalogs! thanks...i love free catalogs

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useful catalogs - heirlooms

I really like Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds:
Shipping is very reasonable - $3 for entire order. I've never been disappointed by them.

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Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Catalog &Garden Guide is very good reading. They have lots of open pollinated varieties. The shipping seems a little high, but the catalog is free.

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I second the Baker Creek catalog. =) I received their free one this year & it's beautiful! All color, thick pages. They do have some awesome seeds.

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for sheer variety, descriptions of each variety, so on and so forth you cannot beat Rupp Seeds catalog. They make a point of also listing disease tolerance of a variety.

[url][/url] Catalog is free

If you pay by check you get a cash discount also up until maybe April.

They cater to bulk seed sales but offer smaller quantities which are attractive to those who grow more than a tiny garden but less than doing it for a full time living.

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i second territorial, and third johnny's and baker creek. agreed about the baker creek catalog for pics, if not all the culture info - it's vegetable EDITED.

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:D Thank you!!! Just requested mine!! I can use all the help I can get!!!
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