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Growing Tomatoes in an Upside Down Planter/Garden


Has anyone tried growing tomatoes in one of these upside down planters?


I used a topsy turvy bag but with limited success last spring.
I'm getting things ready for the forthcoming srping and Ive seen mixed reviews about these upside down methods

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tried them a few years back and found they were very difficult to keep watered. The water drained through and they dried out faster than normal planters. Always fun to try something new.

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topsy turvy tomatoes.

Learn to use the Search the Forum feature. It will be your friend! :) There have been a number of discussions of these here already. Type topsy turvy tomatoes or upside down tomatoes into the Keywords box after you click on Search the Forum.

They've gotten mixed reviews here too. A few people reported reasonable results with them, lots of people have had problems with them.

Here's a couple of the threads to start you out:

but there's lots more.... Enjoy!

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