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Bonzai Weeping Cherry Tres

Is it possible to bonzai a weeping Cherry Tree...

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Ldito --- Hi and welcome to the forum. Hope you find us friendly and helpful. I took the liberty of moving your post to the Bonsai forum, where a lot more people will see it who might be able to answer your question.

The short answer would be yes; here's a picture of one


The long answer might be more complicated. All the samples I saw were the Barbados Cherry. Other types might be different... some weeping cherries are created by grafting high up on the stem, which would severely limit what you can do with it-- if you prune below that you no longer have a weeping cherry, you have whatever the rootstock was.

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I did a Google Image search and they do come up.
Not sure if this link will work -- I use Firefox on a Mac OS.


Also don't know if you can use these search parameters as they're in Japanese:

"盆栽 しだれ桜"

but you can try cutting and pasting everything between the quotes (including quotes) and Google Image searching yourself. Make sure your search setting is set for pages containing "any language" Cutting and pasting the gobbledy-gook codes DOES work for me, hope it will for you as well. :wink:

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