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Bought a Bonsai - Don't Know What it is

Hey there.
I got a bonsai today, from home depot lol. and I have no idea what type...even after searching for hours. I only found ficus. thats the only thing I can guess about it, but i understand theres like 800 species of ficus lol.

but anyway, I can't get a picture at the moment.
but its got round leaves, smooth edges, the top leaves are pointier. it resembles more of a bush right now, im guessing it needs pruning. some of the older leaves are harder and more leathery, the newer ones are softer.

ask me any other questions for id, i'll be on for a while.

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Most of their Mallsai are Ficus so that's probably what it is but that's just a guess based on your description. Put up a picture for a more positive ID.
The stones on the soil's surface need to be removed for it to be able to 'breathe' and do well.

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