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Sprouting new leaves on a Ponytail Palm Tree


I have a ponytail palm tree bonsai tree. The tree had four buds that gave leaves. Because of a bug infestation and my attempts to cure it, two buds dried out and never gave leaves again. The other two buds were broken in an accident. I'm afraid my plant will no longer grow leaves and I'll only have a tree trunk.

I put a lot of love and care into this little tree and don't want to give up on it. Is there anything I can do so that the tree can sprout more leaves even if the existing buds won't give leaves?

I appreciate any help.

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Yes, feeding it and watering it as it needs it. Healthy trees will sprout new buds continually. Depending on how long it has been in its training pot you may consider planting it in the earth come spring time to really allow the tree to bounce back.

Also you should NOT cut the roots the same way with palms as other bonsai trees. Palms have no taps root and cutting the major bulbs could kill the tree. Only snip enough roots to allow new growth and so it fits into its training pot.

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