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my bonsai tree looks like its drying but I want to know if there's something I can do Most of its leaves are brown but there are some green ones...

I took it outside because it had always been here inside my room since I got it about 2 months ago

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You'll need to post pictures and give a detailed description on how you take care of it and what kind of tree it is.

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And give it a good watering - submerge it into a bucket of water if necessary.

It's the time of year when deciduous trees will lose their leaves anyway. Sounds like a Chinese Elm to me.

Outside always beats inside...

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Hey, Jeremy. I see you have found this place.

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I am worried about mine as well, I know its not dead,Yet.
had it about 6 months, been perfect color, healthy, up until about 2 weeks ago, got peat on the top of the soil, put it on few days after I got it.

I have a couple of theories, so anyones wisdom would greatly be appreciated.

either its getting overwatered between my wife and I thinking that the other didnt water it.

or, we have an old drafty house, and I'm cold natured anyway, so when the heater is on, it usually warms the house up to 55-65 F.
average 54, and the coldest it has been, one night it did get down to 39 in the house.

so the too cool crossed my mind.

I have it up at work now for a warmer temp, and gave it some co2 yesterday, seemed to perk it up.

I just uploaded these picts, taken today 12/19/19
some make it look greener than it is, and some make it look browner than it is.

thanks in advance

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and I have a pict of the trunk at the soil level,
any thoughts on that?

thanks again

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