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Anyone growing garlic in containers?

If so, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. Thanks.

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I had a crack at it but failed miserably… :oops:

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I grow garlic in containers. It is just like in ground gardening except in a container. Garlic gives very little problems. Just keep it watered when dry, but do not overwater so it's soggy. A good application of compost in the planting mix helps a great deal and organic fertilizer is good also. I use aged horse manure lightly scratched in the suface when the garlic sprouts and a small amout of blood/bone meal. That's about all there is to it. Sit back and let it grow until it's ripe, then harvest.

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one other thing to keep in mind......garlic grows much better when the bulbs are given a "dormant" period. Usually a month or two in the fridge before you plant them does the trick.

I've planted garlic before without the "overwintering" period, but the bulbs I got in the end were smaller than they could have been.

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