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Roundup and saplings


I made the huge mistake of planting some small saplings without putting mulch around them. Now it is 2 years later and they haven't grown much at all because of the grass taking all the moisture and nutrients.

Now I want to put mulch around them. I know I need to kill the grass before I apply mulch and I was wondering if roundup can be used to kill the grass without harming the trees.

If roundup gets on the trunk of the sapling will it kill it?
Is there anything other then roundup that can be used?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Please don't use roundup. See thread:

You can either dig up the grass (not as bad as it sounds) or put down a tarp around the tree where you want the grass to die, then put your mulch down. I'd dig up the grass, that way your mulch has a place to sit (where the grass was) without sitting so much higher than the rest of the ground.

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Hi JK,

Round up would most likely kill your saplings as well. Not a good idea to use it.

What round up does is kill the leaves on plants. And not to mention is that is very long lasting in the environment.

It actually doesn't take that much work to take a shovel and dig up the grass. Then, just apply some sort of mulch like mulched up leaves, or if you want some other sort of mulch to keep grass and any other unwanted plants at bay.

If you choose to use a sheet compost as a mulch (say, mulched up leaves then some manure or perhaps grass clippings) then the mulch will not only help to quell the growth of unwanted plants but, the leaves and associated green will slowly break down and feed your saplings. Just be sure to leave (no pun) a little space (say, an inch or two) around your saplings with no mulch.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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