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Hi I am looking for a pruner who is adept at Japanese plantings

Piet Patings
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Hi Herb,
Are you looking for a pruner to do the job, in East Moriches NY ?
Or are you looking for expert advice ?

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Unfortunately there are many total hacks styling themselves as Japanese gardeners in North America and Europe. You are fortunate to live near one of the very best, Asher Browne. [url][/url] I highly recommend his work.

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profetional Japanes gardener does lot's more than just prune trees and shurbs. to prune tree and shrbs in difficult place, he have set temporaly scaholding , use aluminum extenladder to set up without leaning to tree. often we have to make own tools to get work done right.

Jut in case some one need a well experienced Japanse gardener to handle charenging work, arborist work ,setting boulder with and without heavey equipment, I can offer best possible craftmanship work.

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