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Growing Gem Squash in Calgary

I read the thread on Gem Squash, saw it was from a couple of years ago so thought it best to add a new one.
I want to grow Gem Squash (as in the South African varietal) but need to know:
a) how much growing time through to harvest?
b) do the runners themselves take root, or does the plant have a single root source?
c) what sort of soil?

In Calgary, there is a general gardening guide that says "don't plant until the early part of June". For good reason - we have reasonable chance of frost or snow right up till then. Thanks folks

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I don't know much about this squash, but since no one else came forward. It is a South African variety, which I would think makes it a long shot to grow in Calgary. Jeez, frost right up til June! I always complain when we get frosts in April.

I think the Gem Squash needs at least three months of warm weather, but at that you might start getting too cold for it right about when it is starting to bear, so you wouldn't get a lot of benefit from how prolific it is. If you have a way to start it indoors under lights and keep it going for at least a month before planting time, you might have a shot at it.

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