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Whit Maple not winterizing?


I am hoping that someone will be familiar with what I feel is a problem with my Huge White Maple tree.

I had two that grew about 15 feet apart from before I knew them, 15 years ago. One is about 60+ feet tall, and the other was noticably shorter.

A few of years ago we found the sawdust signs of carpenter ants around the base of one,(the shorter), and had some 'pruning' done to keep it safe. Although this past Spring a large bough fell and so we had it cut down.

When we had the Arborist here to remove the infested tree, he looked at the other and declared it healthy. But now a couple of seasons have passed and I am not so sure...

All of the decidious trees on our property have changed color and lost their leaves except this Silver Maple. It is still green... It is mid November.
Many of it's leaves have fallen and is looking a little sparse, but it is still unusually green.

Could it be in shock from having the other tree removed? The tree remaining blocked the sun from the other so that could not have affected it. But being so close to each other there must have been some root mingling. Could the other's dying roots affect this tree so?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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It's in the genetics. Not everything acts the same. I saw azaleas in full bloom last week here in Charlotte. Talk about strange. It was a group say of 12 not just 1. I wouldn't worry unless a limb falls off.

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