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Blueberry Plant Disease Identification

In the spring of this year I planted six blueberry plants. However all seem to have some kind of disease and it may be due to all the rain we have had here this summer and early Fall. If anyone could help me identify what my plants are infected with I would appreciate it. Thanks.


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Hi Beeman.
One thing I would check straight away is that the Ph in your soil is low enough.
Blueberries are normaly very tough but they will not tolerate high Ph.
It needs to as near to 4.5 as possable.

High Ph can cause deficiancies in the plant. The edges of your leaves are similar to such a deficiancy occuring.


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Since you said SIX plants, I'm assuming yours are planted in the ground. The photo seems to show that the grass is growing right up against this plant?

If so, blueberries are shallow-rooted and don't take well to competition. Your plants may be stressed. Also, as Jona said blueberries need acidic soil and, where grass is growing well, the pH of the soil is probably higher than what they need. I would check the pH and apply amendment like sulfur or gypsum, water in well and lay 4~5 sheet layer of newspaper, then mulch with acidic mulch like shredded composted pine bark or pine needles mixed with compost.

Keep in mind too if the weather is getting cold where you are, that blueberries are deciduous. The leaves on two of my blueberries in the front yard got hit by the frost and turned beautiful red. The ones in the back yard are more protected so the leaves just got splotchy and fell off -- not much of a color show.

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Thanks for the quick response. I plan on getting a pH tester and following up on the recommended course of action tomorrow. Can't wait for some healthy blueberries next year and I'm sure my bees will enjoy the healthy plants as well.

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