Petunias in Iraq
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Gardening in Southern Iraq

HI! I'm deployed to Iraq for the next year, and have a ridiculous need to garden. I find it so enjoyable and soothing...a form of therapy! It does get extremely hot here, but until June/July time frame, it can be pretty nice. And it never frosts and always has full sun. I want to grow the "spreading" Petunias in hanging flower baskets. Is there any other kind of flowers that would do well here? Petunias is the only pretty flowering plant that comes to mind. Thank you for any input ahead of time!

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Thanks for serving!

Why not try some vegeys? Cucumbers can be trained to grow up vines and germinate easily. Petunias are a great choice, then there is verbena which spreads nicely or even lanatana which comes in yellows and oranges where verbena is reds and purples. Marigolds don't spread but again easily germinate. Go into Burpee seeds and see what they have to offer.

Thanks again for serving and stay safe!

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Not a perennial, but [url=]portulaca[/url] is an annual succulent (sort of like cactus) that really likes the heat and dry. That would be good...

There is a like perennial called [url=]Delosperma[/url] the comes in [url=]a few[/url] [url=]different colors[/url]

Try that one too!

Be safe and well,

Scott Reil

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geraniums love Iraq's weather

I live on the Med Sea part of the year and geraniums grow 5 feet tall and more and are covered with brilliant blooms. Roses, jasimine, hybiscus and bougainvillea also are covered with blooms most of the year.

Keep safe! :flower:

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